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[Infographic] 10 Must-Dos for App Developers to Develop and Market Apps Successfully – App Marketing Infographic

Must-Do’s While Launching & Marketing an App (App Marketing Infographics)

1) Ideation: It’s critical to think about what makes your app stand out, what problem it solves. Even if you are re-skinning an app – think of what competitive edge you will need to get ahead – This should include the title, the OS and something that most developers miss out on – How to monetize the app? It’s never too early!

2) Competition Tackling: User experience, quality of user interface, quality of the content and competitive pricing goes a long way in being competitive. Make sure you have these analyzed & well-executed.

3) Website: A traditional website, optimized with SEO, still can potential large volumes of organic traffic. Ensure that you have one that describes your features well and gives clear call-to-action. One can easily buy an app microsite theme on

4) App Store Policies: Apple and Google are both being extra vigilant on ensuring quality apps that adhere to their policies. Ensure that you adhere to all guidelines from the app stores and that your app is compatible with all the major devices.

5) App Store Optimization: Your Title, Icon, Screenshot, Description, Keyword & Category needs to be decided strategically and cleverly. This comprises of App Store Optimization which is an evolving process.

6) Marketing Creatives: Packaging and marketing cannot be thought of as secondary – Design compelling banners, screenshots, app trailers & a media kit that you could forward to review sites and journalists.

7) Social Media: While the app content needs to be easily shareable and integrated with all major social channels – it is also important to have a strong social presence to further market well. Facebook page, Twitter handle, Youtube channels are all must have’s

8) Marketing Strategy: On paid marketing one could use targeting banner/rich media campaigns through mobile ad networks or mobile affiliate networks – the focus needs to be to maximize organic downloads so that your cost of acquisition (Cost per Install) remains low.

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